Data Migration Consulting

Configurable Management’s Data Migration consulting practice understands the unique challenges associated with migrating legacy data to SAP. ​Along with a decade of experience in this area, Configurable Management offers a proprietary tool you will not find with other firms. Our Data Validation Management solution allows for the validation of millions of data points after data is loaded. This significantly accelerates the project timeline, and provides assurance that all data (not just a sample) was loaded correctly. Here is what you can expect when partnering with Configurable Management on a data migration project:

  • Seasoned staff with intimate knowledge of SAP configuration, master data, and transactional data
  • Requirements gathering that will conclude with a Data Conversion Specification document that covers:
  • Detailed requirements,
  • Data purging and cleansing prerequisites
  • Data extraction needs from legacy system(s)
  • Mapping and conversion rules
  • Data validation plan
  • Data extraction solution development
  • Data load solution development
  • Conversion unit testing
  • Mock load support
  • Production load support