Perform Physical Inventory Of Non-WM-Managed SAP® Locations

Typical physical inventory processes are paper-based with laborious data entry. Count sheets and/or tags are manually completed, and often illegible. These inefficiencies delay the completion of data entry; thus, delaying the overall physical inventory.

Configurable Management recognized this as an issue across many industries, and worked closely with a few clients to design an easy-to-use, web-based, and mobile-ready application called Physical Inventory Accelerator. This app streamlines the physical inventory process while simultaneously improving the accuracy of data entry.


  • Ready to use on PC web-browser or any mobile device
  • Role-based settings to control permissions
  • Can be used for van stock and/or customers and vendors to count off-site inventory
  • Allows for management of multiple active inventories
  • Supports unrestricted, blocked, quality inspection, and all special stock indicators
  • Instant validation of entered data
  • Alternative unit-of-measure allowed during data entry
  • Configurable tolerances for both quantity and value improves variance reporting
  • Recounts can be initiated from the variance report
  • Auto-creation of SAP physical inventory documents, and loading of counts, when inventory complete
  • Uses only standard SAP BAPIs and RFMs


Configurable Management continually monitors and evaluates new releases of programming languages, and new versions of frameworks and tools. We have selected from some of the best modern tools to build Physical Inventory Accelerator; thus, providing companies with an easy-to-install, ready-to-use on any device, solution that can scale to meet any company's needs.

Simplify physical inventory in three easy steps

1. Setup

Physical inventory has never been easier with our Physical Inventory AcceleratorTM application. The paper-based count method required for storage locations, vendor stock, customer consigned stock, and other special stock, is labor intensive and error prone. No more hand-written material, batch, or serial numbers that may, or may not, match SAP applications. With Physical Inventory Accelerator, simply extract your inventory from your SAP environment, and you are ready to go.

2. Count

Next, generate the count sheets and/or tags. Physical Inventory Accelerator creates data entry screens that have the pertinent data for the count entry (e.g., material number, description, storage bin). Inventory supervisors can limit the number of materials assigned to each counter. Create as many count sheets and/or tags as needed to complete the physical inventory.

3. Load

Because Physical Inventory Accelerator replaces paper-based counts with an easy-to-use interface on any device, data entry is done directly into the application by the counter. After reviewing variance reports, and maybe performing a few recounts, the inventory supervisor simply submits the results to your SAP application. Physical Inventory Accelerator handles the creation of all necessary inventory documents, and uploads all the counts; eliminating an error-prone and clerical process.

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