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The Decisions Platform For Workflow

The Decisions Platform leverages the integrated rule engine enabling highly flexible and adaptable business process management applications. These applications can interact with users via browsers, mobile devices, email, telephone, and other channels. They can also be used for fully automated data and rule interactions.

Full Featured Process Automation – Without Code

'Decisions' provides a comprehensive set of tools to automate processes – integrating users and systems to provide true business optimization. 'Decisions' enables business users to understand and adjust their business logic without becoming programmers.

Workflow Fundamentals – NAILED!

User Task Management. Communication. Forms. Process automation includes many other elements; however, the basic building blocks are managing users' workloads and interacting with users. The Decisions Platform provides a 'no code' form builder, as well as the ability to integrate external forms. Task management services and task lists are flexible and able to be integrated into the user's normal work patterns.

Beyond User Automation…

Workflows are created by adding steps to the diagram, configuring properties, and attaching these steps in sequence. With over 2,000 steps in the library, the 'Decisions' workflow goes well beyond simple user approval and routing management – allowing system interactions, data manipulation, workflow nesting, branching, and merging and many other types of interactions.

Non-Sequential/Case-Based Workflow

'Decisions' is not limited to direct (flow or sequence based) workflow type interactions. The same graphical tools can be used to create interactive case-based applications where the state of the data, as well as the rule engine, help direct activities that do not follow the same path each time.


All businesses use multiple software packages to manage their operations, sales, etc. understands its role, which is to get things moving, get users engaged, and talk to all of these other systems. Integration is not an afterthought, it's the reason that process automation exists. Integrating users, facilitating collaboration, and moving data – 'Decisions' plays well with others!

Integrated Rule Engine

Leveraging the rule engine technology, workflows can be more interactive, smarter, and more flexible. Rules are also used within forms to provide fully interactive and responsive form experiences for users.

Evolving Workflow Processes

All workflows are stored with a full audit history. As changes are made, historical versions are automatically saved. These versions can be compared and rolled back as well. There is also a full-featured repository that allows versioning, branching, and creating of deployment images.

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