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For Enterprises

'Decisions' server architecture has flexible infrastructure layers that allow for it to be deployed in a number of different configurations. Workflows can be hosted by 'Decisions', Amazon EC2, or Azure. It can run in company data centers or other cloud infrastructures and can be deployed in highly available and scalable configurations to support enterprise needs.

The 'Decisions' development team has been deploying large enterprise systems for years and understands the unique requirements that are essential to these organizations.

High Availability

The Decisions Platform can be configured in active/active or active/passive configurations. It works alongside database replication to provide offsite disaster recovery. The nodes within the cluster share a cache and notification bus based on the Decisions Messaging Server so they share critical changes and events.

Auto Scaling

'Decisions' can be configured to work with auto-scaling hosting infrastructures like Azure or Amazon BeanStalk.


'Decisions' can access and publish messages into different messaging infrastructures including RabbitMQ, NServiceBus, MSMQ, Azure Service Bus, MQSeries, and others. 'Decisions' also includes a native message bus that is used for inter-node communication, batch work distribution, and can be leveraged in workflow configuration.


'Decisions' infrastructure is scaled by adding additional servers. Any server that joins the cluster will be allowed to participate in any of the transactions. User interactions can be distributed across multiple nodes using any load balancer. Backend work can be scheduled, prioritized, and distributed to multiple nodes using any messaging server (including the 'Decisions' Messaging Server).

System Monitoring

'Decisions' provides both self-monitoring services and the ability to publish events to other system monitoring and management services.

Containers [Coming Soon]

'Decisions' R/D is currently working on Docker-based container deployment of rules and workflows. Stay tuned for more information.

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