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Active Data Governance

  • Make your Data Stewards more effective and productive
  • Eliminate large teams of error-prone Data Entry Analysts
  • Make better decisions with reliable reporting

Implement sound data governance in SAP without the cost and weight of a new SAP module.  Active Data Governance ensures data entered into Customer Master, Material Master, Vendor Master, or any other SAP modules conforms to your company's business rules for data standards.

Active Data Governance ensures new data gets inputted correctly the first time, supports approval chains for data entry where required, and actively monitors data in SAP to ensure it remains conformant.  When data falls out of conformance, Active Data Governance can automatically remediate or generate assignments for the correct people when human-in-the-loop is required.

Active Data Governance using the Decisions for SAP Solutions Business Technology Platform fully integrates with SAP while sitting outside of SAP, which means:

  • Master Data-related functions are not constrained by the SAP change transport system, making your Data Stewards more agile
  • Your SAP core remains clean, enabling easier technical upgrades as well as ECC-to-S4/HANA migrations

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