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DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS offers a holistic approach to your Data Lifecycle Management and Business Process Management needs and challenges. This may include, but is not limited to, Master Data Governance (i.e. Material Master, Customer Master, Vendor Master) Active Data Governance (proactively monitoring existing data for business rules compliance), and Business Process Management (automation of business processes utilizing forms and workflow). DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS is by no means limited to SAP. It is, however, integrated with SAP out of the box to utilize standard or custom RFC connections whether that is Remote Function Modules, BAPI's or BDC's.

DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS enables techno-savvy business analysts to build form and workflow solutions via a drag and drop user interface and a host of out-of-the box pre-programmed 'steps' eliminating the need for programing experience. DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS can easily include individuals outside of the company to initiate and/or participate in a workflow.

In addition to being great for techno-savvy business analysts, DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS is also robust enough to satisfy the technical demands of IT. Business analysts can now solve their process automation needs without burdening IT. IT can develop new applications and/or replace outdated applications and/or develop interfaces and/or workflows. All with the same technology making it the ideal MDG and BPM product.


Workflow Engine
Workflow is a series of steps that get work done and a fundamental partner of the Rule Engine in DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS. With DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS you can develop executable workflows without writing code, in the same way you would draw them on a whiteboard or using other diagramming software. The real magic is in the workflow steps – these graphical abstractions of code can be placed in complex patterns that get real life work done. Adding steps to the toolbox can be as simple as pasting an API URL into a wizard, or using our SDK to register custom .NET methods.

Business Rules Engine
The Business Rule Engine is at the core of the DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS Platform right next to the Workflow Engine. It enables users to see, understand, and edit the business rules in their software applications without writing any code. Rules can take many different forms to support different types of evaluation. These include: statement rules, truth tables, decision trees, sequential rules, and expressions. These same rules can be used to interrogate existing data and surface data that does not meet the business rule so it can be corrected. Any form, workflow, or report can use the business rules you define. Define it once and use it whenever you need to.

Forms Designer
A WYSIWYG form designer makes it easier to create targeted points of end user interaction that collects information that moves a workflow along. With an extensive library of form controls, mobile-friendly configurability, and the option to embed these forms in other applications or portals – change happens quickly. User adoption is immediate these forms make their job easier and faster while simultaneously we ensure the data is accurate prior to updating SAP and/or other systems.

Configurable Dashboards and Reports
We want end users to get work done quickly. So instead of checking a report in one system, writing a note down on paper, and going somewhere else to take action – end users can drill in, and make changes or assign tasks from right within a dashboard in DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS. Users can personalize these pages with a drag and drop editor and revert back to the original shared version at any time.

Flexible Deployment Options
DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS can be made available as a service (SaaS) or as a license to be installed on your own hosting solution on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid site/cloud model. The software is the same for each model, and there is minimal effort migrating to or from the cloud.

Workflow Automation and Business Rules are not very useful without data and events in other systems to support. That's why we made it easy for users to connect to new systems with click through wizards for new API and database connections. In addition to bringing new information in, every flow, rule and form has its own integration details that are configured by selecting a few options to define how you'd like to access it from other systems.

Developer SDK
Developers can extend the platform through a simple .NET SDK. These extensions can be at the flow step, rule verb and form control level, or more complex extensions can support unique integration and other features.

DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS provides additional functionality and out of the box component packs through what we call modules. Out of the box modules including connector packs and patterns to systems like SAP (of course), Salesforce, SharePoint, Amazon Web Services, DocuSign and many others. We also let developers create add-ons that can be enabled or disabled at the admin level in the platform.

Visual Data Mapper
Without writing code you can map data that is moving around your workflows into data structures that are easily consumable by users and other systems. Simply drag a line from a data structure on the left to the data structure on the right and let the data flow.

End User Portal
DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS provides an end user portal out of the box where your end users can get work done and interact with the workflows you have built. Complete with a flexible and pluggable user management mechanism you can surface tasks, reports, dashboards, service catalog items, forms and other interactive pages to your end users. Users can configure custom views – and you can use our granular permissions mechanism to allow the right users access to the right data at the right time.

Easy to Embed
DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS encourages participation of your non-developer users in the software design process. We understand that we may be participating in a larger system – and as such we have designed each component of DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS to be easily embeddable in other systems on a user interface and data level.

Easily Deployed
All you need is a few Windows servers. Within a few hours you will be up and running including the SAP integration.

Simplistic Licensing Model
DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS is a server based license model. There are no user licenses to purchase, assign and manage.

Not Just Software
Every DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS customer will have the option of installing prebuilt solutions as they come available at no additional charge. Examples of planned accelerators, starter kits are:

Data Life Cycle Management – Master Data Governance

  • Material Master Request (CRUD) – New Product Introduction
  • Customer Master*
  • Vendor Master*
  • GL Account*
  • Cost Center
  • Profit Center
  • Active Data Governance – The process of interrogating existing data in a system of record to ensure business rule compliance
  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Application for Expenditure (aka Capital Expense Request) – Complete budget life cycle management
  • Purchase Order Maintenance
  • Work Order Maintenance
  • Pricing Maintenance

* Contact us today by email or call us at +1 972 608 3799 to schedule a demo or to learn more about DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS.