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Transact Solution Overview

D'BOT Transact is an advanced document capture and data extraction solution to help your business run more efficiently with streamlined processes, cost savings and fast ROI.

Our Technology

Our Smart Capture® solution automatically identifies, classifies and extracts business-critical data from all your documents using patented supervised machine learning technology, increasing the product value over time. D'BOT Transact is a zero footprint, browser-based application that runs on servers behind your firewall or in the cloud for rapid deployment. SnapDoc, our mobile capture app is available for flexible, easy capture.

Information Trapped in Unstructured Content

More than 80% of business information is trapped in unstructured content—our goal is to make that data actionable. D'BOT Transact is a smart document capture and data classification solution that extracts meaningful data from documents from any format in the cloud or on-premise. That data feeds into your back-office applications to accelerate business transactions and processes.

The platform automatically identifies the information you need without manual data entry, sorting or scanning separator sheets with barcodes. From automating mortgage applications and mailroom processes, streamlining insurance claims, accelerating invoice payments and simplifying sales orders, our customers can put information to work and do business faster. D'BOT's use of open standards and web-based software offers flexibility, scalability and accessibility.

Benefits of D'BOT Transact

This solution has been a sea of change for us. We are moving toward paperless workflow and we have opened doors for scanning on the front end. It's a very positive change.

Susan Hartsock, Information Technology Supervisor Mountain West Financial

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