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Every SAP project is challenged with verifying the accuracy of the data migration process. Most often this is a costly process of manually verifying data based on a statistical sample. Manual verification is laborious and error prone. Seldom are users available to perform these tasks when they are needed due to competing projects and other business demands.

Data Validation Management Brochure

Data Validation ManagementTM (DVM) reduces the cost of data validation, helps improve the quality of iterative data loads as you progress through project phases, and provides 'known good data' for the Integration Test Team.


  • Easily Verify Legacy Data to SAP Migrated Data
  • Enables Non-programmers
  • Dynamic Design Supports Variable Data
    • Concatenated Data
    • Transformed Data
    • Cross Reference Data
  • Supports master, transactional, and configuration data
  • Sophisticated Round-trip Capability
  • Identify Known Good Data for Testing
  • Detailed Report of Invalid Data

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