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RPA and BPM with Business Rules Management. It’s not an “either, or” proposition.


If RPA takes the robot out of the human, BPM ensures that the human is focused on the right things. Repetitive, routine tasks can be eliminated so that the human can focus on the customer experience. While RPA deals with simpler tasks, not cognitive tasks, BPM with BRM guide the human to focus on his/her interaction with others whether internally or customer facing. But when you really step back and look at this, what do RPA robots really accomplish? RPA is most useful when automating the control of a graphical user interface when the application does not offer an API. [...]

RPA and BPM with Business Rules Management. It’s not an “either, or” proposition.2021-06-08T14:09:54+00:00

Business Rules and Digital Transformation


Business rules are another aspect to business change that is often overlooked. Business rules can ensure compliance, but they can also ensure data is clean before it gets stored. You need clean, accurate data to make sounds decisions, to use artificial intelligence, and to generate meaningful and actionable analytics. Business Transformation depends, in part, on investing in the appropriate digital capabilities that are aligned with your strategy. You want to do this at scale. The right capabilities help you keep pace with your customers as your business transforms the way you bring products and services and interact with your customers who [...]

Business Rules and Digital Transformation2021-06-08T14:10:41+00:00
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