Business rules are another aspect to business change that is often overlooked. Business rules can ensure compliance, but they can also ensure data is clean before it gets stored. You need clean, accurate data to make sounds decisions, to use artificial intelligence, and to generate meaningful and actionable analytics.

Business Transformation depends, in part, on investing in the appropriate digital capabilities that are aligned with your strategy. You want to do this at scale. The right capabilities help you keep pace with your customers as your business transforms the way you bring products and services and interact with your customers who are on their digital journey.

Gartner recently discussed the increase in interest for business rules management systems. The need to create outcomes based on inputs from disparate systems was a key finding. The article addressed the challenges that companies face when progressing in their digital transformations and how business rules management systems fit in. Essential is the rules management capability that improves decision accuracy at scale. It’s not just keeping up with business change, but business compliance. Reacting quickly to changes at scale yields greater corporate agility.

But transformation cannot take place without humans. So not only change at scale but the change process itself is important. And this is where Decisions for SAP Solutions™ comes in. Moving more and more logic to a graphical, central ‘logic repository’ reduces this change burden. Who is best suited to control and change this business logic? This is where collaboration between IT and the business yields great results.

A business rules management system is the ideal starting point to begin to turn this process over to the business. Utilizing graphical, intuitive rules editors it is possible to put the control of the business logic in the hands of those who best understand it, the business. Teamwork and collaboration are important in any context, but essential for business transformation. Adam Grant of Wharton says the single predictor of a group’s effectiveness is the amount of help colleagues extend to each other in their reciprocal working arrangements. See Adam Grant’s book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success (Viking, April 2013). Better yet, come to SAP’s Sapphire and see a revolutionary approach to business transformation in a zero-code environment. Zero-code for business rules management, for workflow, for dashboards, forms and reporting. Stop by the booth and see how thirty minutes can change your whole perspective on this.

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Configurable Management delivers process-based solutions leveraging our state-of-the-art technology DECSIONS FOR SAP SOLUTIONS™ platform and decades of BPM experience. Whether it is a simple interface from an Excel to SAP. Or web forms and workflows with complex business rules interfaced to SAP and/or non-SAP systems, Configurable Management has the products and experience to assist you with your business process automation needs. We help control and manage Master Data Governance, Business Process Automation, Robotic Processing Automation, Niche Application Development, and API’s all within a single, NO-CODE platform. We look forward to helping you succeed with your business-critical automation initiatives.

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