Products to Improve Your Processes

Application for Expenditure

Automate approval and enjoy real-time financial tracking of capital projects with Configurable Management’s Application for Expenditure (AFE) solution.

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Customer Master Accelerator

Simplify data governance of customer business partners in SAP through Customer Master Accelerator; a comprehensive interface to create, change, block, unblock, flag for deletion, and manage credit for a customer.

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Data Validation Management

Eliminate manual data validation quickly and easily. Data Validation Management (DVM) reduces the cost of data validation, helps improve the quality of iterative data loads as you progress through project phases, and provides “known good data” for testing.

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Physical Inventory Accelerator

With Physical Inventory Accelerator™, performing physical inventory of non-WM-managed SAP locations has never been easier.

Typical physical inventory processes are paper-based with laborious data entry. Count sheets and/or tags are manually completed, and often illegible. These inefficiencies delay the completion of data entry; thus, delaying the overall physical inventory.

Configurable Management recognized this as an issue across many industries, and worked closely with a few clients to design an easy-to-use, web-based, and mobile-ready application called Physical Inventory Accelerator. This app streamlines the physical inventory process while simultaneously improving the accuracy of data entry.

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