Physical Inventory Accelerator

Physical Inventory Accelerator™

The Challenge

Companies using SAP without warehouse management (WM) are faced with unique challenges when it comes to physical inventory.

What is the most efficient way to perform physical inventory in a non-WM SAP system?

The Approach

Even with SAP, companies often implement a paper-based process where count sheets and/or tags are manually completed, and data entry back to SAP is done manually.

​This approach is slow and has several points of failure; namely illegible count sheet results and data entry errors.

The Risks

The risks with a physical inventory process that has too many manual steps are real…

• Increased labor costs.

• Poor data accuracy.

• Errors lead to balance sheet inaccuracy.

The Solution

Physical Inventory Accelerator™  

• SAP certified for SAP ECC 6.0

• Ready to use on any device.

• Extract SAP inventory.

• Generate inventory count sheets/tags.

• Upload inventory counts to SAP.