Data Validation

Data validation is the act of reviewing data as part of a data migration, data integration, or business intelligence project, and verifying that the data fits the business needs. Business fit can include ensuring that a particular data element is in a list of tolerant values, is within a specified range, aligns with other data elements, or other business specific rules. Data validation is often achieved through the use of data profiles, data scorecards, or other data visualization tools.

Configurable Management has vast experience working with data quality tools on the market in addition to having a product that assists customers with data validation management. Configurable Management offers an Excel add-in called DVM (Data Validation Management) as a mechanism that verifies the accuracy of migrated data; stores and re-uses data validation rules; supports master, transactional, and configuration data; and provides detailed reports of invalid data. The outcome of DVM is rapid improvement of data and lower risk to project go-lives.

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