Application for Expenditure

Accelerate Capital Project Processes

The Challenge

Companies often are managing many capital projects at the same time.

Requesting, tracking, approving/rejecting, and measuring indirect purchasing requests related to these projects needs to run smoothly throughout the organization.

The challenge companies have is how to accomplish this “smooth” process when most of the process is manual.

The Approach

 The most common answer when companies are asked about how they manage this process is “We don’t have a process.

The lack of a defined process can be frustrating, but it also comes with a number of risks…

  The Risks

Clear and measurable risks surface when a well-defined process is not in place for indirect purchasing requests on a capital project.

• Communication breakdown.

• Approval delays.

• Budget exposure unknown.

 The Solution

Application for Expenditure (AFE)

• Managed by Winshuttle Foundation.

• Forms and workflow centrally stored.

• Use SAP internal order or WBS.

• Budget refreshed throughout process.

• Dynamic routing of forms.

• Email notification.

• Creates PO in SAP.